Visit @fitness_diy for the best nutrition, mindset and fitness tips! . Confused…

Visit 👉 @fitness_diy for the best nutrition, mindset and fitness tips!
Confused about how to even begin with weight loss?

📌 Save this post & refer back to it whenever your focus gets unclear.

This is your order of priorities, compliments of @kimschlagfitness 💪

Focus on what can move the dial most:

1️⃣ Always & forever fat loss starts & ends with a calorie deficit. It is *the* driver of fat loss. Eat fewer calories than you burn.

Wait, wait, wait! I see where your eyes went 👀 Right to the part about burning calories.

I get your questions day in & day out about the elliptical, the treadmill, the HIIT classes. Your go-to first step the second you even think about losing weight is “How can I burn more calories?!” You’re missing the bigger, more impactful part of the equation: Calories In.

You’ve heard it before & it’s 1 piece of oft repeated fitness advice that’s actually true: you can’t out train your diet. Focus on how many calories you’re eating.

2️⃣ Protein Intake:
👉 In a calorie deficit adequate protein helps you keep your muscle while losing fat. You want your muscle! To look good, perform better, age well & keep your metabolism revin’

👉 Protein helps you get full. Want to manage your hunger? Eat yo protein!

3️⃣ Strength training: Remember point 1 from our chat on protein? This is it’s other half. To keep (and perhaps build) muscle in a calorie deficit you need not just enough protein, you need to let your body know you need your muscle. Strength train with an eye on getting stronger over time. Make that your focus in every workout.

4️⃣ NEAT: Non exercise activity thermogenesis, it’s *way* underrated! NEAT is all of the activity you do outside of structured workouts. Which is most of your time btw. Little bits add up. Track your steps aiming for 8-12k.

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