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Rosemary Ndlovu: More damning evidence against ex-cop accused of multiple murders news of 2021

Rosemary Ndlovu: More damning evidence against ex-cop accused of multiple murders news of 2021

Former police officer, Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu appears in the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court.

Former police officer, Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu appears in the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court.

  • The former policewoman and alleged mastermind of six murders, including her lover, has pleaded her innocence.
  • Rosemary Nomia Ndlovu denied playing a role in the death of her five relatives and boyfriend. 
  • Ndlovu evaded serious questions in court forcing the court to order to answer questions. 

More gruesome evidence was revealed in court of how a former Tembisa policewoman allegedly orchestrated the murders of her loved ones.

The State has accused Rosemary Nomia Ndlovu of planning the deaths of her five relatives and her boyfriend to cash in on their funeral policies and life covers.

It claimed that she cashed in about R1.4 million in life and funeral policies that were paid after their deaths.

Before she was arrested, Ndlovu had allegedly planned to assassinate her mother, sister, nephews and nieces in Mpumalanga.

During her testimony on Wednesday in the Gauteng High Court sitting in Palm Ridge, Ndlovu appeared to evade some questions and even resorted to tears.

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Her behaviour irked Judge Ramarumo Monana, who ordered Ndlovu to answer questions and stop giving lengthy explanations.

Ndlovu earlier testified that sometime in 2012, she received a call from her cousin Godfrey Mushwana asking her about his brother Witness Madala Homu.

“It was around the beginning of the month when Godfrey called me saying Madala’s landlord was looking for him to pay his rent. I tried calling him as well, and his phone was off.

“Madala resided in Kaalfontein. I promised Godfrey that I would assist in searching for Madala using my police network. I was on duty at Tembisa police station, and I called Ivory Park police station asking if Madala had been detained. I didn’t check Olifantsfontein police station because it was not much busy, and it was in a suburb,” said Ndlovu.

“The following day, Godfrey and I searched for Madala at his residence and Tembisa Hospital.”

Madala was later found dead with head injuries in March 2012.

Godfrey positively identified his body at the Germiston government mortuary. 

Zanele Motha 

Nlodvu said her niece Zanele Motha was residing in Daveyton and at the time of her death in 2016, she was living with the accused in Tembisa.

“She had moved in with me for a month before she died. On 13 June 2016, she said she was visiting her friend in Springs. I saw her the following day at Tembisa Hospital in a casualty ward.

“I was told by my younger brother Director that Motha has been admitted to hospital. She had injuries on her face, and she could not speak. I later learnt that she was hit by a bicycle.

“She was in a wheelchair at the hospital and could not walk from the injuries she sustained after being hit by a bicycle. She was later discharged from the hospital without medication,” Ndlovu testified.

Ndlovu said she transported Motha from Tembisa Hospital.

Ndlovu said:

Later at night, I was awoken by Motha’s continuous coughs. She was kneeling near her bedroom door, coughing and complaining about body pains. I then drove her to Arwyp Hospital where she died.

Motha was certified dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Police later recovered her medical file from Tembisa Hospital from Ndlovu’s property.

State witness Esther Mabuza earlier testified that Motha told her that Ndlovu wanted her to apply for a student loan and must hand the money to the accused.

Ndlovu denied that testimony. 

Willie Mashaba

Ndlovu claimed that she last saw Motha’s brother Willie Mashaba in 2017, while visiting him in Daveyton.

“Mashaba and I are very close, and I used to give him money. I last saw him on 9 April 2017 in Daveyton after 15:00 saying he was going to Pretoria,” said Ndlovu.  

Mashaba’s body was later found in Olifantsfontein with major head injuries.

Ndlovu claimed that she could not attend Mashaba’s funeral because her daughter had died.

The trial continues on Thursday.

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