Ramadan Diet Plan /Meal Plan For Weight Loss | How To Lose Weight Fast 20 Kgs in 30 Days

Ramadan Diet Plan | Ramadan Meal Plan | How To Lose Weight Fast 20Kg in 30 Days | 40 LBS in 30 Days / Lose 20 kgs in 1 Month / Ramzan Diet Plan Lose Weight Fast رمضان‎ Ramadhan Ramathan سحور‎ suhoor إفطار‎ Iftar

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Wishing All My Muslim Viewers Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Meal Plan 2017 : https://youtu.be/fYc0hFJlKq8
Ramadan Diet Plan 2018 : https://youtu.be/wvqy21HHEh8

You can certainly lose upto 20 kgs in 30 days if followed religiously!
However the results can also vary from body type to body type, any ailments etc.

Please Note:
1. Restrict the diet to just 1 Roti a meal (if taken).
2. Also restrict the amount of dry fruits especially dates (not more than 3-4 a day ) and avoid taking raisins, sweetened berries etc.
3. Avoid Red Meat, Rice / Biryani, Sweets, Fried Foods, High Calorie Dairy Products, Butter, Breakfast Cereals like Cornflakes, Fruit loops etc.
4. Add boiled/roasted/grilled chicken, vegetable salad, fresh fruits, almonds, eggs & oats to your diet.
5. Eat healthy also stay active & exercise
6. Do not starve yourself as starving can lead to weight gain and not loss.
7. Do not over-eat.

Suhoor / Sehri

Bread Poha https://youtu.be/y2HbAf3shAs
Palak Spinach Roti https://youtu.be/EWXtAoycWBg
Fried Boiled Eggs https://youtu.be/Zrvsb8gS4Vs
Herbed Sweet Potato https://youtu.be/-Xnht12saeg
Healthy Oats Recipe https://youtu.be/pxsfWMIwr98
Rice Poha http://youtu.be/RZXZBIXtBkU
Cheesy Grilled Omelette http://youtu.be/uxepcFaMjmM
Upma https://youtu.be/KSNDcTlpQzw
Pizzegga http://youtu.be/BFZFQdao3mQ


Veg Weight Loss Soup https://youtu.be/8kQFZ8mLVuc
Chicken Mushroom Soup https://youtu.be/3ugkJm-PcZc
Avocado Guacamole https://youtu.be/SyN7TiT6hYc
Grilled Chicken With Oats https://youtu.be/lZMwfpbR9jE
Palak Spinach Roti https://youtu.be/EWXtAoycWBg
Chicken Minced Kebab https://youtu.be/mLpm0PEsUno
Oats Soya Tikki/ Kebab / Cutlet https://youtu.be/XlfXEhBsFXw
Oats Bhel https://youtu.be/w2jUWyniZ2U
Oats Carrot Raita https://youtu.be/REkTJtHE-Iw
Herbed Sweet Potato https://youtu.be/-Xnht12saeg
Beetroot Chicken https://youtu.be/706zDvWHW8U
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