UK official arrested Kovid-19 before killing Sarah Everard, court heard news of 2021

  • Sarah Everard was falsely accused of breaking COVID-19 rules before being arrested, kidnapped, then murdered, a court heard.
  • A British police officer kidnapped her when she was on her way home from a friend’s house.
  • He confessed to kidnapping, raping and murdering.

A serving British police officer falsely accused Sarah Everard of breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules, then kidnapped and murdered the 33-year-old before handcuffing her and arresting her, a court has heard.

Everard, 48, was kidnapped by Wayne Coozens on March 3 while she was on her way home from a friend’s house in south London. He has admitted to kidnapping, raping and murdering her and is in custody at Belmarsh Prison, the United Kingdom’s top security.

At the start of a two-day sentencing hearing at London’s Central Criminal Court on Wednesday, prosecutor Tom Little said Cousins ​​targeted Everard on the evening of his disappearance.

Coogens, who was part of the elite diplomatic security unit of the London Metropolitan Police (MET) at the time, kidnapped him by “handcuffing him and showing his warrant card” in a “false arrest”, Little said.

Cousins ​​then put her in a rental car he had hired “to kidnap and rape a single woman”.

Little said that a couple in a passing car witnessed the kidnapping, but mistook it for an arrest by an undercover officer.

Everard was the victim of “deception, kidnapping, rape, strangulation and fire,” Little said.

Coozen kills Everard after he burns his body.

‘Sick, angry, devastated’

A week after Everard went missing, his body was found in a woodland in Ashford, Kent, about 97 km southeast of London.

Her case gripped Britain, sparking a national conversation about the safety of women on the streets.

A former lover had provided evidence that Everard was “savvy and on the road” and would not enter a car with a stranger other than by “force or manipulation,” Little said.

“The fact that she went to a friend’s house for dinner in early 2021, the lockdown made her more vulnerable and more likely to allege that she had acted in violation of COVID rules in some way ,” he told the court.

Cousins, watched by members of Everard’s family, sat in the courtroom on Wednesday as the judge considered whether to give him a life sentence. The sentence is to be announced on Thursday.

Protesters outside the courtroom were holding banners criticizing police with slogans such as “Police blood on your hands” and let off smoke.

Ahead of the court hearing, the Met said in a statement, “We are sick, angry and devastated by the crimes of this man, who betrayed everything for us.”

The force has sacked Coozens and acknowledged his actions “raise many questions and concerns”, but said it would not comment further until after the sentencing.

Covid-19: Ramaphosa set to speak to Boris Johnson on UK travel restrictions news of 2021

President Cyril Ramaphosa.

President Cyril Ramaphosa.

President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Wednesday he was due to speak to Prime Minister Boris Johnson after Britain imposed severe restrictions on travelers arriving from South Africa.

The UK has placed South Africa on its coronavirus “red list”, forcing travelers into a pricey hotel quarantine upon arrival.

“With the UK putting us on the red list, I think this is the most unfortunate situation we are facing,” Ramaphosa told a news conference.

“I am due to speak to Prime Minister Boris Johnson,” he said.

Read also | Will use SA data and inputs when reviewing status on UK COVID-19 travel red list

However, he said South Africa was not retributive on the blacklisting, which has dealt a severe blow to tourism, a key sector that directly accounts for three per cent of the country’s economy.

“We don’t need to retaliate … because the UK is an important trading partner of South Africa, which is very important.

“We should instead engage, and through our engagement, we hope we will find a solution,” he said, adding that the decision to impose the travel ban was scientific rather than politically driven.

Before the pandemic, more than 400 000 visitors a year came to South Africa from former colonial power – more than any country outside the continent.

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‘Gupta fixer’ Kubain Moodley out on bail, says he was going on golf leave news of 2021

The Palm Ridge Specialized Commercial Crime Court has granted R150 000 bail to Kubain Moodley.

The Palm Ridge Specialized Commercial Crime Court has granted R150 000 bail to Kubain Moodley.

  • Alleged “Gupta fixer” Kubain Moodley appeared in Palm Ridge Specialized Commercial Crime Court on Wednesday.
  • He says he was going on a “golf-playing holiday” in Dubai and had a return ticket.
  • Moodley says he doesn’t have the financial means to go and live as a fugitive in another country.

Palm Ridge Specialized Commercial Crime Court has allowed Kubain Moodley Bail of R150 000.

The businessman linked to Gupta was arrested on Tuesday evening at OR Tambo International Airport in connection with alleged money laundering of proceeds from contracts improperly awarded to Regiment and Trillian by Transnet. But he says he was on his way to Dubai for a golf vacation when police caught him, and his return flight ticket proves he had no intention of leaving the country.

The state has accused him and his company, Albatime, of theft, corruption, fraud and money laundering. His appearance at Palm Ridge Specialized Commercial Crime Court on Wednesday was his first.

In an affidavit read in court by his lawyer Pete du Plessis for BDK Attorney, Moodley said he was going on leave with friends.

“I was going on a five-day golf holiday to Dubai with friends,” Moodley wrote in an affidavit.

Du Plessis said the state had no evidence that Moodley intended to leave the country. And the return ticket of 3rd October was strong proof that it was a holiday.

To avoid trial or not?

Moodley said the state was monitoring his every move, so he was aware of his “planned” visit. Therefore, only to influence his arrest at the airport shows that he wanted to “cast aspersions” on him that he tried to escape.

“I commit a great crime [at] These covert tactics and registering the case would have handed myself to arrest if I had been informed of the need to do so. My entire family, economic and social ties are in this, my country of birth, and I will not go away from it,” Moodley said.

The trial in question pertains to the National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA) Directorate of Investigation (ID), an ongoing investigation into Moodley for his alleged involvement in the state capture.

according to a beetle probe, In 2012, Moodley introduced Gupta to Lieutenant Salim Essa, the chief executive officer of Regiment Capital.

Following that introduction, the regiments signed deals with Transnet and other state-owned businesses worth approximately R1 billion. Moodley’s company Albatime allegedly received bribes from regiments for Transnet contracts. NPA’s ID is investigating these bribery.

Spokesperson for the Directorate of Investigation, Sindiswe Seboka, said that Moodley had a profit of Rs 307 million.

“It’s for the money [doing] Absolutely nothing for different transactions on Transnet,” Seboka said.

missing property question

As part of its investigation, the NPA’s ID obtained a court order in June 2020 to restrain Moodley’s assets and obtain his cellphone records. He had to disclose all his assets and hand over the security box to the ID of the NPA.

But he did not follow that order. So, in November last year, ID obtained a search and seizure warrant, and the Asset Seizure Unit (AFU) confiscated the security boxes. However, the prosecutor told the court on Wednesday that the contents of those boxes “miraculously” disappeared.

These boxes contained jewellery, Krugerrands and many other high-value items. The prosecutor accused Moodley of removing important evidence from them to hide them, and said those materials may also contain clues about assets outside SA that they may not have disclosed. She said the state has confirmed that Moodley failed to fully and properly disclose its assets.

But Du Plessis said Moodly only “legally” disposed of some of the contents of those safety boxes before the court imposed any sanctions on them.

The state said that as soon as it learned that it was the subject of an investigation, Moodley tampered with the evidence in those boxes.

With the whereabouts of the contents of those boxes unknown, ID suspected that Moodley was about to flee the country when he learned of his trip to Dubai.

But Moodley said he has no assets outside the SA and has disclosed everything and his only income, which is his wife’s income. He said that if there is a case against him, the state has all the necessary evidence to proceed. And the suggestion that he was trying to avoid his impending trial in SA couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I respectfully submit that this possibility does not exist. I am innocent of what I am accused of. I do not wish to escape my trial and live the life of a fugitive, and I have no financial or There are no other means, to live the life of a fugitive,” Moodley wrote.

Moodley will report to the Sandton Police Station twice a week. The state has asked for their trial to begin in 2022. The matter was adjourned till 28 February 2022.