Lose Weight FAST & Get FIT at home – TABATA (HIIT) #1 High Impact workout with Low Impact option

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This TABATA High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout is fun and effective. It includes: Warmup, 2 x sets of TABATA (with Low Impact options), and Cool Down.

I have included 8 x High Impact + 5 x Intermediate moves. YOU will Burn Calories, Lose Weight fast and Tone YOUR Abs/Thighs/Butt. I will help you train and shape your body and YOU will achieve new heights in your aerobic capacity and general fitness .

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Make sure you wear runners/sneakers, fitted top/pants and that you have enough space to move around at home (approx. 4x4m). If you haven’t done cardio exercise for a long time, listen to your body and start with low impact (i.e. no skipping or jumping), slower moves in double time, small steps, and a smaller range of motion before making your moves more challenging.

If you are new to TABATA, first try 1 set (low impact) 3 times/week. After 3 weeks, build it up to 2 sets 3 times/week, and then over time, gradually include some high impact exercises. You must add the Cool Down at the end of each session to stretch your muscles.

TABATA was founded by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and his team who conducted a landmark study (1996) comparing moderate vs high-intensity training, testing 2 groups of athletes for 6 weeks using an interval-based training model – 20/10 session repeated eight times. “The result states a 28 percent increase in the subjects’ anaerobic capacity, plus a 14 percent increase in their VO2max.”

According to webMD, “TABATA improves athletic performance and glucose metabolism and acts as an excellent catalyst for fat burning. The excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) effect for TABATA occurs immediately after the workout, so you keep burning calories.”

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