How to lose weight ? Weight loss tips and Dieting plan to lose weight | in Hindi |

How to lose weight ? Weight loss tips and Dieting plan to lose weight | in Hindi |

The video will explain various weight loss tips, workouts and diet plans. Diet and workout are necessary for weight loss. Without workouts and balanced diet it is not possible to to lose weight . There are very important tips for weight loss in this video. This video tells about the very basic principle of weight loss in which which says caloric consumption must be less than caloric burn. Burning of calories will be more only if you do vigorous exercise or take controlled diet. These weight loss tips should be followed properly with timely workout and exercise and balanced diet. People tell many ways to lose weight without exercise but its not true. If you want to lose belly fat workout is must otherwise you cant lose weight. Belly fat starts increasing if we eat more junk foods so this belly fat can only be burn buy exercise .

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