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Navratna Oil is a multi-benefit cooling oil that is enriched with herbal extracts. It is used for head and body massage and is effective for both men and women👧. A massage with Navratna oil relaxes the muscles. It imparts a cooling effect on the scalp and body. It also relieves tension and improves blood circulation. It is easily absorbed by massaging the scalp and provides a soothing effect.

Petroleum jelly’s benefits come from its main ingredient petroleum, which helps seal your skin with a water-protective barrier. This helps your skin heal and retain moisture. Read on to learn what else you can use petroleum jelly for.

Healthy skin is slightly acidic. This acid mantle helps form a protective barrier, and it’s important for overall skin health. Washing with baking soda can remove the skin’s protective oil barrier, alter its pH, and disrupt the natural bacteria on the surface that help to prevent infection and acne. This can leave you with stripped skin that’s prone to infection and breakouts.

Vicks VapoRub is also a popular choice for people trying to fade stretch marks, heal rough skin, treat headaches, and keep outdoor bugs away. It’s been tried as an acne treatment, but other products may work just as well without risking the irritation some of its ingredients can cause. Some people have used the strongly scented ointment to keep pets from peeing on or scratching furniture, but be careful using this training method. The ingredients in Vicks VapoRub can be dangerous for animals.

1. Navaratna oil
2. Baking Soda
3. Vicks vaporub
4. Vaseline

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