Extreme Kpop Idol Diets to Lose Weight Fast and Die of Hunger, BTS, IU, Wendy Red Velvet Deadly Diet

Congrats to BTS: Time’s Entertainer of the Year 2020 🍾🎉

These seriously are Extreme Kpop Idol Diets to lose weight fast. You will definitely lose weight if you don’t die first of hunger. Being a Kpop idol is hard work 😓 talent is often not enough alone, you have to also maintain a good appearance and unrealistically low body weight at all costs. Please love yourself as you are and do NOT try any of these diets.

BTS Jin and Jimin, IU, Wendy Red Velvet Deadly Diet, 2 am Chang Min, Big Bang Top, So Mi Banana Diet, tofu diet, paper cup diet, the nothing diet we are trying them all today.

1:06 – #1: Paper Cup Diet – Nine Muses
3:55 – #2: Soy Milk Diet – One Ket of Global Icon
5:18 – #3: Red Velvet Wendy Diet – 13 Day Deadly Diet
9:28 – #4: BTS Jin Diet- Chicken Breast Diet
11:35 – #5: BTS Jimin Diet- One meal every 10 Days
14:20 – #6: Tofu Diet – 2 am Chang Min
18:54 – #7: I.U. Diet – IU
20:00 – #8: Poo Poo Diet who is Poo Poo?
24:47 – #9: Big Bang TOP – Korean Red Bean Jelly Diet
26:50 – #10: Dasom Cucumber Diet
29:53 – #11: So Mi – Banana Diet
31:50 – #12: TVXQ Diet – The Nothing Diet ‘most extreme if true”
36:08 – #13: BTS Actual Concert Clips – May 19, 2019 Giant Stadium 🙂

Thank you 🙏 for your love and support. I hope you are all doing really well and staying happy and safe 🙂 I am trying and wish to have more time to make more videos in 2021. As of now my schedule is just too hectic and full but I do what I can as I love making you-tube videos. Thank you so much for watching and enjoying the silly content.

Please do not try any of these extreme diets for weight loss. The results will not be long lasting and.
Most importantly you are perfectly created in the universe as you are right now. My mom always told me that beauty is what beauty does. For those that always put other people first, please take some time to love yourself, spoil yourself, and give the love to yourself that you deserve.

Love to you from ❤️Garlic Ginger Scallion & Poo Poo 💩 💩

#loveyourself .