CBC News: The National | Rising hospitalizations, Unvaccinated tax, Kids’ COVID-19 vaccines

Jan.11, 2022 | The worrying signs inside hospitals as severe COVID-19 outcomes and deaths increase. Quebec proposed a health tax for those who don’t get vaccinated. Plus, the concerns keeping some parents from vaccinating their children.

0:00 The National for Jan. 11, 2022
1:54 Hospitals consider desperate measures amid staff shortages
5:00 Legault proposes tax on unvaccinated
7:49 COVID surge in Manitoba First Nations
7:29 B.C. restrictions expected to stay in place
8:14 The push for better masks for retail workers
10:37 Homeless shelter struggle with extreme cold, Omicron
12:36 Dr. Anthony Fauci, Sen. Rand Paul clash over COVID-19 response
15:30 Biden rallies for unity over voter rights bills
16:12 Rapid COVID spread in Europe
16:40 French MP attacked with seaweed
16:58 Payette to keep Order of Canada
17:37 Woman dies in jail awaiting psychiatric help
20:44 Afghan refugees land in Calgary
22:02 Efforts to shore up B.C. flood protection
24:58 Doctors work to bridge COVID-19 vaccine gap in younger children
27:01 How vaccinations protect children
30:10 100th anniversary of insulin use
32:03 Camp sets Toronto teens up for success
40:10 3rd Chinese city locked down before Olympics
40:35 Canada’s women hockey team for Beijing Winter Games unveiled
43:13 The Moment

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