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5 Tips to Lose Weight Fast Tip #1: Eliminate Processed Foods
Duh, right?! Might seem too general — so let me explain. Did you know that anything that has more than ONE ingredient is typically a “processed food”? It is! Start asking yourself, “Did it once grow?” “Does it have one ingredient?” By thinking about all of the UNprocessed foods you can eat and eliminating any processed foods, you will automatically lose weight! The more ingredients you add (especially the junk like preservatives, artificial colors and sweeteners, fillers and other junk!) the more you are contributing to your weight GAIN. Eating this junk only makes us crave more. It’s NOT a friendly cycle. Eliminate those processed foods and stick to single, simple ingredient foods! Think chicken, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and oils.

5 Tips to Lose Weight Fast Tip #2: Increase Your Water Intake
We have all heard how important this is, but do we do it? We need to! We need to be drinking water ALL DAY LONG. They say drink 8 glasses, but I say drink even more! Did you know that most of us are walking around chronically dehydrated? We think we are hungry, tired, bloated, and have cravings, but really, that is our body is screaming for water! The more dehydrated we are, the more we retain water, and therefore the more bloated we are. What does that mean? The more we weigh! If your body is receiving as much water as it should be it won’t feel the need to hold on to and store the reserves. Here is a way to make drinking water a little more fun! https://www.nataliejillfitness.com/flavored-ice-cubes/

5 Tips to Lose Weight Fast Tip #3: Stop Snacking
Stick to your main meals containing unprocessed natural foods. If you are eating balanced meals at your main meals, snacking will become less of a thing. Pay attention to whether or not you are HUNGRY or you’re just BORED. There is a huge difference. You’d be shocked if you added up how many extra calories you consume just by snacking here and there throughout the day. Want a tip? I brush my teeth as soon as I am done eating because 1. when your mouth tastes minty you are less likely to want to eat and 2. if you DO eat, it won’t taste as good and you will eat less 🙂 Here are some tips on how to food prep for weight loss https://www.nataliejillfitness.com/food-prep-lose-weight/

5 Tips to Lose Weight Fast Tip #4: Stop Sitting
We are all sitting SO much and guess what! Sitting is the new smoking! It’s deadly. It is NOT healthy to sit. It’s bad for our backs, our posture, AND our weight. Set timers and get up every 20 minutes to take a quick walk. Park in the back of the parking lot instead of circling for a close spot. Take the stairs. Use a stand-up desk. Have a walking meeting. Walk around the block while talking on the phone. Just get moving more and sitting less throughout the day.

5 Tips to Lose Weight Fast Tip #5: Find a Support Network
Wherever you might find one — do it! Whether new friends, old friends, social media groups, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc. Just find a group of like-minded individuals that will help you stay the course. If you surround yourself with people who are NOT trying to lose weight, you won’t lose weight! The more you surround yourself with like-minded individuals, the more success you will achieve. If you need somewhere — I have a SQUAD. It’s a whole TRIBE of like-minded individuals that will support YOU in YOUR weight loss journey!

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