10 Min Fastest weight Lose | Dance Workout | Srilankan 🇱🇰 Style

This is a special weight lose dance workout which is created using Srilankan Dance Styles. In Srilanka we have few of the most strong and Interesting dance styles which can lose weight. In this this video I’m going to share how. I thought to share this video after I got an amazing results through this.

I created this for Every women wants to lose weight and Cannot do with the kids. This workout will be encourage children to learn some of the Srilankan dance steps along with the mom.
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Traditional Electro Sri lankan Percussion, Tomorrow Land
Sri Lankan Drums EDM Bera.
Produced by Rap zilla AKA Saranga D 2017
(Geta bera,Yak bera,Thammettama,Udekkiya,Flute,Thalampata,Hak gediya) .